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Pallet Size

500 sq. ft. on each pallet of sod that is equivalent to approximately 187 pieces of sod on each one.

Roll Size

Our mega rolls are 42” wide and 80’ long totally 280 sq. ft. per roll.

Crowne Zoysia Sod Myrtle Beach, SC

Crowne Zoysia is a wider blade turf grass. This particular variety of zoysia is durable, resistant to heat and the watering is reduced on it. This zoysia grass does well in the shade but can handle the full sun as well.  This grass can be installed year-round.

Drought Tolerance 

  • Crowne Zoysia is very drought tolerant and has very low irrigation needs. This is a very warm season variety of turf grass.


  • Course Texture/Dark Green

Sun Requirements

  • 6 to 8 hours of sunlight (it is adaptable to partial shade)

Traffic Tolerance

  • Very traffic tolerant

Other Assets

  • Most importantly, Crowne Zoysia competes well with weed invasion.

Water Recommendations

  • 1” to 1 ½” of water per week

Mowing Height

  • 2” to 3”

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