Golf Course Services

Golf Course Maintenance Services Myrtle Beach, SC

Golf Courses have been the foundation and the start of this multiple generation business that started out small and has grown over the years. S&R Turf specializes in annual pump station maintenance and pump station upgrades for golf courses in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Pump Station Services

S&R Turf is a certified service provider for RainBird and we can help you with all of your irrigation needs. Our certified staff can help you by installing a new pump station, maintaining an existing system, or by adding upgrades to an existing system. Poorly maintained, damaged or outdated irrigation systems can cause the cost of operating your existing system to escalate quickly. These increased costs could be due to damaged components, poor scheduling or bad initial design.  Our certified technicians can evaluate your current system, diagnose issues, offer recommendations on how to improve efficiency and keep your system working at optimal capacity. We offer a variety of irrigation pump stations to address the specific needs of a wide range of customized pumping solutions. These efficient pumping systems can help you to improve your water window and help save money. Purchasing a quality pump station is important for effective applications and energy efficiency. However, it is essential that you properly maintain your pump station investment with annual maintenance and service from a certified service provider such as S&R Turf.

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"These folks are the best in the business. They have the knowledge, equipment, and imagination to solve any turf or irrigation problem.  S&R built many of our athletic fields. Their standards are exceptionally high and we trust them with contract maintenance over and above our capability. They always meet and most often exceed our expectations. S&R Turf is as professional as any company I know, in any business, turf or otherwise. They get my highest recommendation for anything related to golf or sports turf."

"The team at S&R Turf & Irrigation did a fantastic job on the campus of Latta Schools. I was pleased with their professionalism, knowledge and commitment to getting the job done properly. They definitely helped turn the vision into a reality that is currently enjoyed by hundreds of students daily. The office staff is kind and attentive which makes the overall experience even more enjoyable. I would highly recommend the team to any of my clients and plan to use the company again in the future. They are my “go to”turf and irrigation experts."

"Here at Prestwick Country Club, we have benefited from a long business relationship with S&R Turf.  Over the years,Stephen and his team have been a solid supplier of equipment, helped us with numerous irrigation upgrades and many times came to our aid when we had irrigation emergencies.  During our long-standing relationship with S&R Turf we have always found them to operate with the greatest integrity and we are proud to have them as partners in business."